Yachts & Vessels

Thanks to the all-in-one design and their compact size, the INFUSER’s products are widely used in the marine sector for ships and boats. They are used as solutions to:

In Europe, about 50 boats are already equipped with one or several solutions from INFUSER. It includes superyachts, cruise ships, riverboats and yachts.

Kitchen application

It is the same solution used in the commercial kitchen inlands. The specificities of the kitchen in large boats make the solution even more relevant. Indeed, being on a boat, the kitchens and their exhaust are placed close to where the passengers live, potentially creating discomfort because of the bad odour. Also, the space is limited so there is a need for a compact solution, which is easy to retro-fit.

Smell from grey & black water tanks

The storage of grey & black water in tanks can create bad smell emission which can be create big discomfort for the boat passengers. Since the source of the smell is organic, it is possible to treat it using INFUSER’s products.

Water treatment of grey & black water tanks

The concept offered for this application is based on the infusion of ozone gas in the water. This will degrade the organic matter and therefore reduce or eliminate the organic load of the water. The aim can either be to reach a specific threshold value or to reduce the cost of water discharge in ports.

Ozone is widely used in water treatment and recognized as one of the best oxidizers. INFUSER provides stand-alone and compact ozone generators that are often used for this small-scale application.