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Industrial clean air solutions

Pollution control and advanced oxidation in industry


The purpose of this project is to investigate the UV power requirements for industry related compounds at e.g. foundries and paint shops and to optimize the experimental conditions.


In order to investigate the UV power requirements, we need to increase our knowledge on the atmospheric reactions occurring, when polluted air is treated by 185 nm radiation. Furthermore, we need to examine the influences of multiple compounds mixed together, byproducts in the foundries and external conditions. This forms the basis for cost and energy optimization in our Climatic units.


Experiments are conducted in a pilot plant, which consists of a UV and a catalyst section. In front of the UV section an injection system is placed. The injected pollution is treated by UV radiation and the fraction of pollutants removed is determined.

Expected outcome/Tangible goals:

The goal is to enlarge our matrix containing the UV requirements for treating various components in our industrial solutions. It facilitates the calculation of necessary UV power for a Climatic unit, based on the VOC composition and concentrations.


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