Vanessa Meslage

“It is exhilarating to work as a link between industry and science”

I am a chemical engineer. Particularly environmental aspects of chemical processes and the topic of renewable energy sparked my interest at an early stage and motivated me to conduct research projects concerning fuel cells and biomass combustion. When starting my career, I imagined the duties of a chemical engineer to clash with my sustainable, ecological awareness. However, I am now part of a team of talented scientists and sales people who work passionately every day to advance innovative solutions in air purification, making their contribution to a cleaner future.

As a scientist at Infuser I focus on the industrial business sector, acting as the connecting link between the scientific R&D division and the business/marketing section, for large scale industrial air purification units. It is exhilarating to work as a link between industry and science and implementing my ideas, when it comes to improving our solutions and exploring new business sectors.

On a daily basis, I am conducting experiments in our laboratory, analyzing the data and writing reports. Communication within the organization as well as with suppliers, partners and customers play a crucial role for structuring and planning the projects. Hands-on work in the field, such as measurement campaigns and services at customers complete my scope of duties, making my job most versatile and exciting.

Project involvement:

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